The Rear Passenger Mirror is installed on every cab before it goes in service. The product is sturdy and to date has never fallen off of one of our cabs. The product greatly reduces our exposure to passenger door related bicycle accidents or incidents. Safety consciousness is a cost effective way to reduce risk, thereby making inexpensive products like this mirror a good investment.”

- Greg Cochran, GM of DeSoto Taxi Cab in California

"Our association highly recommends the Cachi mirror. Our association purchased 25,000 mirrors for our taxis in April 2013 and there has been no issues regarding the mirrors. The mirror stays fastened to the vehicle securely and we can confirm that the product is safe for car washes, people slamming doors etc. Since its installation, the Cachi mirror has been very helpful to alert drivers and passengers to the dangers of door related accidents. We strongly recommend this product for all vehicles, especially taxis."

- Gyeonggi Joint Conference Taxi Association - Seoul, Korea

"Our company installed the Rear Passenger Mirror on 85 taxies in 2013. Post installation, dooring accidents have been reduced by 2-3 accidents per year from an initial 20 accidents. We think this product will help to reduce dooring accidents.

In general, many customers didn't know the Rear Passenger Mirror’s function; however, our drivers informed the passengers of the product and increasing numbers of passengers are now familiar with its use. It’s installation on our vehicles have helped very much so to prevent dooring accidents."

- Lee Sung Dong, Seoul Taxi Company

"As a licensed insurance broker, our company has been working in tandem with Mirroty Incorporated promoting to our clients the rear passenger mirror, a patented product designed to prevent door related accidents. Claims regarding cyclists, which often involve door related accidents, consume a significant amount of financial capital and in order to minimize these types of expenses, Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers Ltd. has promoted and encouraged its clients to install the rear passenger mirror on their taxi vehicles.

Several of our major clients completed a pilot, which in summation consisted of 80-outfitted vehicles with the product installed on both sides. Since the commencement of the pilot back in August 2014, our company has received nothing but positive feedback from the fleet owners, taxi drivers, and their passengers.  Our clients are now interested in the possibility of outfitting their entire fleets.  Although it is too early to draw conclusive quantitative evidence regarding the impact that the product has had on the reduction of door related accidents thus far, our clients are extremely pleased with the product and we continue to support and promote the product to our clients."

- Jay Hare, Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers Ltd. - Toronto, Canada