The Cachi mirror is a patented safety product designed to increase visibility to backseat passengers while exiting a vehicle in order to prevent door related accidents. The mirror is positioned on a vehicle in a manner that is easily visible to the passenger exiting. When reaching for the door handle, the mirror is in plain sight with the passenger realizing instantly to check what is coming from behind before opening the door.

Universal Rear View Mirror


Insurance Claims

  • The prevention of door related accidents can eliminate door related insurance claims, which can be substantial.

Insurance Premiums

  • As an insurance backed product, the potential to reduce future insurance premiums is highly feasible given fewer door related claims.

Fines/Demerit Points

  • Drivers are legally responsible for the boarding and alighting of passengers. As such, when a dooring incident occurs, the driver can be issued a ticket as well as demerit points.  In Ontario for example,  a door related accident yields a $365 ticket and 3 demerit points to the driver of the vehicle.

Repair Costs

  • The prevention of door related accidents can eliminate the time a vehicle is in the shop getting repaired and the associated costs of the repairs.

Road Safety

  • The prevention of door related accidents can save lives, prevent injury and protect passengers. The implementation of the Cachi mirror improves road safety for drivers, passengers and all commuters.


  • The product is designed for both the driver and passenger side of a vehicle.
  • The product is designed for any vehicle model with a standard B-Pillar. Accordingly, the product fits on almost all vehicle models.


Rear View Mirror Installation


1. Clean the surface of the B-Pillar using a damp cloth to remove all debris.

2. Once dry, remove the tape cover from the back of the product.

3. Align the product accurately on the B-Pillar according to the diagram.

4. Press and hold the product firmly to the vehicle’s B-Pillar for 15 seconds.


  • When the outdoor temperature is below 15 ℃, use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the surface of the B-Pillar prior to applying the product.


In order to maximize passenger awareness and use of the product, the Cachi mirror comes with a sticker designed to adhere to the interior window ledge of a vehicle’s back door near the door handle.

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